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The Maddman behind the pen
it had been a long day of traveling a woman was insinde a carage off to another city inside another country to be married to a man  she had met only once before. a Marrage of convience. and for trade. her family offering a dowry of a weapon forged from magic, that she kept locked to her side. in a pouch of red velvet.  the carrage was being escorted by several men. her fathers men. all of them well trained and skilled. they stoped at a crossroads. looking to thier map.  the fog a head of them a sign that said. "Karuda' that had been fadded away by time.  the soldiers. looked to the paths given to them one left. to wards the destroyed village a haven for theives now. a mountain pass to thier right. that would force them to take a extra three days something that they didnt have the supplies for the soldiers Captian called to them to push foward.
" is that truely wise.. they said that the Kingom of karuda. is now a Haven for demons and nightmarish creatures."
" such things are only rumors M'lady do not worry we are strong. and we will easily force back those. " he smirked " NIghtmares" he said with a wave in his voice something that told her  he had no belief in the stories that came from Karuda's boarders.   they started to move forward slowly.  walking passing through the fog bank.   all of the soldiers now lighting tourches to chase away the fog. when they came on the other side. they entered a forest that was darkened.  the once bright day sky now faded to nothing. darkened red skys  all the soldiers. moved closer together all of them having the feeling that they were being watched.
" Captian are we safe!? "  the woman inside called
" Of course we are! MEN stop acting like children! your Scaring the Lady!"  he barked.   the Carrage continued to travel and  the woman inside the carage fell back inside. her hand touching the  magic weapon at her side.  she swallowed hard. wondering what it was like outside.  they traveled for a day the mid day sun over head. . the erie feeling of something watching them carrying over them  the sounds in the dead trees . glowing spots.  
" Sir we should quicken our pace this place.. its . "  
" Shut yout mouth i wont have supersticious " the captian stoped. he looked down a arrow in his chest. he lifted his head. slowly looking a head. before another shot into him and he fell back.  the horses jumped scared. they screamed. the soldiers started to move. they grabbed the carage and yelled
"BANDITS!  MOVE!"  then another soldier turned..
" DEMONS!"  the soldiers turned and saw the abominations rushing towards them from the woods weapons lifted the horses refused to move  the soldiers  pulled the door open and grabbed her and pulled  the woman waiting inside out.  " RUN !!"   the woman turned and looked out seeing the soldiers her father had hired being murdered by Monsters that should only exist in nightmares.  ' GO!"   the soldier said.  forcing her to run another soldier. running with her to keep her safe.  but droped to the ground  a Hatchet  stuck into his back  the woman stoped but look back  the man who had pulled her out his foot  pressed up to a blade being Pressed down " RUN!!" he said as blood spirted from his mouth.   the woman ran trying to stay silent
hours passed before the gruesome scene was discovered  a man a hood over his head. a mask of silver on his face. fangs and a muzzle carved into the  metal.  his armor dark  he treded carefully walking over to the bodies. his hand moving over them slowly. there were a rush of new arrivals. all of them screaming about a girl.  his eyes glowed  he looked over to a blood seal on the ground a demonic mark that  gave the Demon's power. his hand pulled back he looked to his finger seeing a small blood spot. he pulled a Fang from the body a image of the demon it belonged to entered his mind. slowly the man stood and looked over seeing blood and foot prints.
" Survivor. "  the warrior touched the prints. his fingers tracing them. " female.." he said looking off into the direction before  following them.
Hour passed the the night had made the foot prints vanish but a something new  lead him a light. a campfire.  he could see her she wore. pants a shirt. long hair but her eyes were what caught his eyes. he held the tooth in his hand.  that he had pulled from the soldier.  the woman holding something to her chest he approached her slowly nothing in his hands. his weapon's sheathed.  the woman looked to him and fell back pushing back towards the broken stone walls.  of a farm house.
" Stay.. Stay back ! dont.. dont come any closer.." he said when she saw him. he stood still for a moment then moved over to the flames. so she could see him better.
" you poor thing.. " he said kneeling down " you must have ran..and kept running until you couldnt take another step " he said looking to the tooth " I remember that feeling" he said  grabbing a arrow from his Scabbar pulling the tip away and forcing the shaft into the tooth's opening the sound of flesh still inside it.
" I .. i didnt have a choice.. they "
" you always have a choice "  he said sternly. looking over hearing the sound of growling. hissing. the demons had found them.she looked over seeing them comming towards them the fires light  letting her see the outlines of thier bodies. she looked to the wall her eyes closing tears building in her eyes. the man stood up and moved towards the on comming horde.
" we're going to die here .. arnt we.." she asked the stranger infront of her..her voice  
" No.. as long as i am here. " he said looking back to her. his eyes glowing thier deep purple from under his hood. " THEY are my prey" he said boldly. " and I am the hunter " the Demons screamed  his hand pulled the bow from his back and he started to shoot. his body turned  and his arms moved faster thens he had ever seen a human's arm move.  the arrows flew. he started to walk out his arm still shooting.  using his bow to hit  the demons down. using the arrows like Knives stabbing them itno the beasts  then shooting.. he turned wearing  her scream. the demon  that attacked her friends  standing over her arm raised.  but the beast fell the Hunters final arrow stuck through its head.  he turned his blade  shined as it came from the sheath . slicing through the demons.  she watched him as he used his blade then pulled another cutting down everything and anything that got near to him   she  crawled towards the flames of her campfire to scared to do much else.   
" there is too many!"   she screamed.  putting her hands to her head. trying to keep herself safe. he turned his blades ripping through another demon
" Maybe.. but as long as they keep comming " he growled  ripping the back up through ones body  " I'll KEEP KILLING!"  time passed the last demon fell under. he ripped the blade from its body and looked to her. his hands dripping in thier demonic blood. his breathing had quickened. he whipped his blades down   the blood falling from the weapons as he sheathed them. she looked to him amazed his hand mvoed down and picked up the small velvet bag she dropped  he looked to the magic forged weapon that now looked like nothing more then a ring. he looked to her then to the ring beign able to feel its power." you always have a choice..hunted. " he paused for a moment holding the magic object to her. " or Hunter. "  She looked to him before her hand shot forward her finger slipping through the ring the object glowing.  on her finger as it Bonded with her. he stepped back and watched as it moved over her  covering her body in metal scales.  giver her hands a more clawed. she looked to herself then to him
" what do i have to do .."
" Learn.. " he said turning away from her " and follow me to place where the Dead have collected to be saved from the demons "  she looked to him determined she followed after him.
"My Name is Alex Starr. Countess of "
" your title means nothings to me or this place. here.. the only thing that matters is your name Alex.."  she looked to him and nodded
" and what is your name? "
"Grimlock " he said with a stern face  as he lead her back to the city walking through a swirling vortex that was carefully hidden he walked through and appeared into the spiraling Staircases of the nexus. she looked to the place amazed she looked down seeing feeling the magic that made this place possible the armor that covered retreated back into her ring.
" where are we.."
" its called the nexus. your new home until the demons are Exterminated."  she looked to him shocked
" but i .. I'm supose to be getting married " he turned to her slowly
" that fog is a barrier Alex... " he said her name sternly. "  One way "
" One. way.. so .. "
" the moment I entered it.. "
" you became trapted  just like me like every one. " he started to walk down the stairs. Alex looked to the ring on her finger.  then down seeing her friends. the people she watched be butchered.  they rushed towards her  
'Lady Starr.. your alive. thank the gods.. " she looked to them confused..
" yes..thanks to him.." she said  looking for Grimlock " but how are all of you ?"
" we're not.."
" when we died. our spirits became trapt here to prevent the demons from dragging us to hell is what we're told " she looked to them tears in her eyes. from saddness to know they were trapt here. and of happiness to know they were safe.  " but at laest you can return home cant you !? " the captian said.
" No.. i cant.  the . gate way .. the fogg we passed through.. its a one way keep the demons in."  the soldiers sighed  
"then we will all wait here .  we will ride this out. wait for the fog to lift.."  she looked at them and shook her head
"no we cant.. at least i cant. " she said stepping back from them "  this is a chance for me to act how i want to. I've always wanted to learn to fight. and this is my chanvce. "
"but my lady some one of your "
" I am a noble no longer.  not here.  here.. I'm a warrior. " she said  walkig past them " i choose how to run my life. I choose how i act and i will CHOOSE my own husband when I am DAM well READY!"   she said. a smile on her face as she swore. " ohh that felt good.  from the lower floors. Grimlock stood pulling awya from the  Maiden his body trembled slowly  as he adjusted to the power. he was given, demona was behind him and looked up hearing the woman.
" your rescue.." she asked.  Grimlock nodded
" yeah.."
" she seems lively.."  
"maybe but inexperienced.  she's going to need a teacher. " he said looking back to her Demona laughing sotly
" no .. i think you should be her teacher.. this time.  you've already made a impression after all "  Grimlock looked to his hands he could feel his skin his bones twitching. as he tried to repress it
" Maybe.. might do me some good. "
" i would think so .. " demona said. he looked up and saw alex starting to walk down the stepps. looking for him.
"Grimlock .right..?" she asked.
" yeah.. "
" listen i want to fight. but. "
" No experiance. "  she nodded slowly and looked to him
"but i dont want to be prey.. " she said remembering what he said to her before." i want to be a Huntress. I want those demons to cring in fear when they seem me "
" its going to take alot of work  and i dont like Back talk  and if you do this your going all the way. No giving up " he said sternly
" I understand. i'll make you Proud. i Promise.." Grim lock looked to her. she was young. too young.  he turned away for a moment " first things first.. rest.. come down from the events of today..look for Demona in the tavern. i'll come and get you when its time to start "  he turned towards the dark  where he often went..
" where are you going ?"
" i need to take care of business " he said  disappearing into the dark.  and once he was sure he was alone.  he fell back and remembered something he wanted to forget. but there was no way he ever could. he fell back against the wall and let his mask fall. lifting a cigar to his mouth lighting it  taking in a deep breath
Alex walked into the tavern.  she looked to the tavern, there were so many adventurers. so many warriors.  but she was supose to meet a woman named. Demona which wasnt very hard. considering she heard a man call out her name,  followed by a insult. Alex turned and looked to a man who grabed  the handle of his sword. wine dripping down his face and over his body
" you bitch i 'll "
" thats the price for touching my ass pervert if you want to fight though maybe we should take it outside. "  the man groaned. and walked away  growling grumbling to himself. he walked past alex. who looked to the woman. with the long black hair. and saphire blue eyes.
" um are you . demona " she asked.  the woman turning slowly and nodded
" yeah i am." she said simply."and you must be miss Lucky " the woman smirked
" Miss Lucky " Alex asked. confused " how am i lucky my entire. life has been "
" your Breathing. alive. " Demona said which spawned another confused look
" yeah but so are you ..and . alot of people here. " she said in a confused stump
" yeah but we didnt arrive here that way. and alot of us arnt alive. a very SMALL fraction of us are. mainly any one you see with a weapon"  he said pointing to  a person wearing white who sat with the warriors drinking with them
" i dont understand. " Alex said
" every one who is here. trapt here. is dead.. or has died. the fact you were rescued some people are going to hate and maybe pity you for it " Alex sighed and sat at table..
" so then. i'm the lottery winner? "
" and every one knows it " Demona added  offering the cup of wine. Alex took the glass looking down to it..
" what is this.. wine?"
" Spirit. Wine its made using magic. so the Dead can Drink it and get drunk think all the good things about alcohol  with no downsides. "
" so i can get drunk?" she asked. almost excited
" yeah.."  Demona laughed looking to the outfit alex wore. it looked comfertable for travel but it still had the look of a Noble girl who had been repressed most of her life. Alex picked the glass up and started to drink happily. "Drink up Rookie.  there isnt alot else to do around here other then fight Drink and Duel oh and Gamble." Alex looked around at all the men.
"what about sex.."
" well anything you can do out there. you can do in here "  demona said. with a wink " but dont get to carried away alot of guys here arnt "
" thier needle dicks?"  Alex said. having heard the Stable Boy say it once when she visited her friend. demona looked to the woman taken back by what she said.
" yeah you could say that. " she laughed  Pouring herself and Alex another Drink  " i think you and Me are going to be Good Friends
from a distance. Grimlock watched them from the Dark. he sat back his entire body hidden away in the shadows. he watched them through the pillars. a Cigar smoldering from his lips.  he took a breath in slowly.  the smoldering ash glowing. lighting his face.  which was now nothing more then a Bleached white skull. that was some how connected to his body. Fangs . and a evil Look. his eyes hollow. other then the glowing purple lights that made it seem as though he had eyes.. Black hair fell around  the head. and a cutt in the bone under his eye. where a Scar once was. he let out a cloud of the smoke and watched them. he watched as Alex laughed Drank and seemed to smile in her home. out there in the world she had responsibilities. a committment. forced to act a certain way to ensure she didnt ebmarrass her family. but here. she could do as she pleased. he trapted her in a war.  and opened her to life.
a few hours passed before he walked over to the tavern his mask on his hood back on his head.   he sat with the girls. Demona and Alex both with rosey cheeks.   she had been playing Keep up with demona. a impressive thing for  awoman who only a short while ago was only ever allowed to drink in social settings. and never enough to get drunk. demona lookd to Grimlock and smirked
" she is going to fit in great around here "  he looked to Alex who looked to him and started to drink alittle more.
" i cant belive i've never been allowed to get drunk its great " she laughed   looking to Demona who sat next to  Grimlock   the woman took a drink  and and let out a slow breath before falling over to Grimlock laying her head on his shoulder. a small sly smirk moved over alex's lips behing the glass she held to her lips.


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